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#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <set>
#include <string>

#include "open_file.h"
#include "watcher.h"

00012 class dnotify_state
      dnotify_state(const char* base_path);

      const std::string base_path;

      // NOTE: to detect multiple paths to base_path, state requires
      // that add_base_watcher() be called before add_imap_watcher()
      void add_base_watcher(int fd, watcher* w);
      void add_imap_watcher(int fd, const std::string& imap_name, watcher* w);

      void remove_base_watcher(int fd);
      void remove_imap_watcher(int fd, const std::string& imap_name);

      watcher* get_watcher_by_fd(int fd);
      watcher* get_imap_watcher(const std::string& imap_name);

      std::map<int, watcher*> watchers; // fd -> watcher
      std::map<std::string, watcher*> imap2watcher; // imap name -> watcher

      // Multiple paths caused by symlink detection
      std::set<open_file> open_files;

      // Multiple paths to INBOX maildir watcher detection
      // (special case because base_path has two watchers, base and maildir)
      std::auto_ptr<open_file> base_path_file;
      int base_path_fd;
      bool base_path_maildir_watch;

      void remove_watcher(int fd);

// tell dnotify to watch 'fd'
void set_fd_watch(int fd, long notify_flags, const char* name);

#endif // #define DNOTIFY_STATE_H

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